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About Glass and Resin Workshops by Jazzy’s Treasures

Thank you for expressing interest in attending my local resin and glass in-person workshops. I’ve compiled some useful information to consider before the event. Please via email to


I’ve been doing glass and resin art for the past 5+ years, and during that time I’ve made several pieces of art and have guided others! If this is your first time working with some unfamiliar materials and tools, please consider the following:

Epoxy Resin (coating resin) – instructor applies unless otherwise requested.

Glass, embellishments, and other media – the assortment available is based on the project. If you have a specific preference of glass color or embellishments, you’re welcome to bring those with you!

Glass tools, including running pliers, scoring tools, nippers, glass files, etc.

Safety equipment (PPE) including gloves, eye protection, and protective clothing.


Each attendee will need to sign a group liability waiver before the event.

Scheduling & payment

Privately hosted in-home workshops (not held at The Coral Door aka PaknFax) are offered to those interested. Reservations are required at least 14 days in advance, along with a 10% deposit payable to Jazzy’s Treasures. The balance must be paid at least five days before the event. Electronic payment options include PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Square.


Inspired novice (beginner) – this class includes a 5X7” substrate, as well as other materials required to make a completed project. *PPE excluded. The cost range is $25 to $35, depending on the materials.

Emerging artist (some experience) – this class includes an 8X10” or similar size substrate and all materials for a complete project *PPE excluded. The cost range is $45 to $65, depending on the materials.

Confident creator (advanced) – this class includes one 12X12” (or similar) substrate and materials. Cost is $75 and up, depending on materials. Participants should have completed at least one "beginner” and one “emerging artist” class before considering signing up.

Most of the classes are freeform based, i.e. each attendee can make what their creativity inspires them to! There are no set themes unless specifically requested.


Events at The Coral Door and The Makers Studio

Please follow my Facebook page Jazzystreasures for monthly events. It will feature the specifics of each one, including time, venue, specific requirements, etc. Events are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. Tickets can be purchased through my website with the link provided. Please RSVP as “going” on Facebook only once you’ve purchased tickets.

Hosting Requirements (for privately hosted events)

The hostess is responsible for inviting guests and securing deposit and full payment by the due date.

Adequate space must be provided for attendees to move around freely. The environment must be safe, enclosed, and conducive to working with glass, paint, and other materials. Snacks and beverages are arranged a the host's discretion,



Attendees who cancel prior to 48 hours in advance of the event, will receive a full refund, or credit to a future event – whichever is preferred. If cancellation is within 48 hours before the event, no refunds will be given, but a partial (50%) class credit can be used toward the next event.

DOs and DON’Ts

DO look for inspiration beforehand. You can do a search on Pinterest for “Glass and Resin Art,” if you’re unfamiliar with these media, or merely looking for ideas. 

DO ask questions! No question is too “obvious,” we are all learning something new!

DO some research on using epoxy resin if you are interested in applying it to your own piece of art. ( offers a wide range of videos on the resin process, from beginner to advanced).

DO come prepared! It’s best to have gloves, goggles, and other safety-related items on hand, but this is based on personal preferences (not provided). This is based on each individual’s level of comfort.

DO feel free to bring a photo or online reference image of what you’d like to make.

DO be patient with yourself. Art is a learning experience, and our abilities grow with practice!

DON’T have unreasonable expectations. Book a class that meets your experience level. It's necessary to start at the beginner and go from there.

DON’T stress! Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn something new! There is no such thing as mistakes when it comes to art, just happy accidents!


Once you have created your artwork, you will apply a light layer of clear glue to any elements that may move around during transport. I will apply the resin in a temperature-controlled space and return the finished works to the hostess after 2-7 days.


I have a blog on my website that contains some useful information. I also sell materials and kits for those interested in creating art in their own time.

I look forward to creating some unique, fun art with you! Please feel free to email any questions to

Theresa Wolf aka Jazzy’s Treasures

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