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HELLO ladies!

I know how challenging it can be to establish a successful career as a mixed-media artist or to get started on your art journey. It has taken me several years to learn the ins and outs of glass and resin art and cultivate my own unique style.


If you find yourself in a place with more questions than answers, I'd love to provide you with an online coaching session. The content is geared towards your personal experience and skill level.


I'll guide you through the process of learning what works, what doesn't, and how you can develop YOUR unique style by harnessing your strengths and avoiding pitfalls that hinder you from becoming an accomplished artist.


This entails scheduling a dedicated 45-minute one-on-one LIVE online session with me!


Once you have paid, I will send you a short questionnaire to assess what your skill level and needs are. Then we'll schedule an online session, a chat in REAL TIME, to discuss these!


This is a great opportunity to brush up on your knowledge and discover alternate ways to reach your artistic goals, irrespective of your experience level.


Thank you for your ongoing support!


Personalized Instruction Session

  • You will need a computer that can connect to a meetup platform, like ZOOM, for the lesson.

    Please set aside at least 45 minutes to an hour, without interruptions, if at all possible, for our online session.

    Questions: It's important to think about your goals, i.e. what you'd like to gain from this event, so have questions prepared that are specific to glass and resin mixed media art.



  • Have realistic expectations for yourself. We are not going to do an online painting lesson, where you watch me make something while you follow along.


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